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Retraining the brain is what we do as a Boulder psychotherapists

We do talk about psychological problems like the typical Boulder psychotherapist does, but we also use physiological feedback and training techniques to make changes permanent, and to allow your brain to naturally self-regulate. The most common clinical diagnoses that we treat in our practice are:

We use a myriad of techniques, methods and tools in our Interactive Brain Analysis clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Some techniques are amazingly simple, others are hi-tech and complex. We us and institute the psychotherapy that works best for you. The wide array of available options allows us to try something else if one method or technique is not producing the desired results. We are recognized in the Boulder psychotherapy network as Boulder’s biofeedback and neurofeedback therapists with the deepest knowledge in this area and the one with the widest equipment selection. We have been active members in Boulder’s psychotherapy and neurofeedback guild since 1994.

QEEG Brain Mapping

ADHD Brainmap

QEEG Brain Map

QEEG is the typical starting point in our brain analysis approach. The Quantitative Electro Encephalo Graphy (QEEG) brain map is exactly that: a map of your brain. To be more precise: a map of the electrical activity in your brain. Your map is compiled based on your own electrical brain activity and then compared with other brain maps in our extensive database of thousands of similar cases.

Psychotherapy Boulder Medical Device Qeeg

QEEG Equipment

QEEG brain mapping is also used in real time to give you feedback how certain thoughts and exercises can change your brain activity. Most patients find it an amazing breakthrough when they learn to move their brain deliberately in one direction or another.

Depression Free

Set Your Mind Free

For all of us it’s natural to consciously move an arm or a leg. However, the ability to move thoughts deliberately and precisely through the brain is for most patients a radically new experience. Our goal is to turn your black box into a harmonious orchestra with the real you in charge as the conductor.

We invite you to explore the treatment option pages, if you want to read in more depth about the vast array of techniques, methods, and tools which we use. What are our analysis and training techniques?

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