Boulder Neurofeedback

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is the instant form of QEEG brain mapping. It gives the client and the trained therapist instant insight as to how the brain is functioning. This is done by real time measuring, analyzing and displaying brain activity. The instant display of the client’s brain waves allow him or her to immediately respond, and to quickly learn how to change their state of mind. This interactivity creates a feedback loop with the brain, which allows the client to break with negative mental and emotional patterns.

How is Brain Mapping different from Neurofeedback?

Brain mapping is done over a 20 to 30 minute period of time; the brain activity is recorded with non-intrusive electrodes. The procedure is totally harmless since nothing goes into the brain; only the subtle patterns in the natural brain electricity are recorded.

After the recording session the data set is skillfully cleaned from artifacts (data noise) and analyzed against an extensive database of other peoples’ brain maps. The database analysis gives a diagnosis and shows normal and abnormal activity. Brain mapping requires a lot of computer power and can not be done in real time. It also requires an experienced clinician who can recognize and eliminate interference (noise data) and who can clinically interpret the database comparison.

Neurofeedback is the instant replay version of brain mapping. Where a brain map gives client and therapist deep insights, neurofeedback is immediate but more simplistic. This immediacy and simplicity allow the client to quickly respond, which creates a feedback loop. The feedback to and from the brain quickly becomes a learning tool that can make permanent changes in ones mindset.

Neurofeedback often displays as charts or games. The representation of what’s going on in the brain is simplified so that it can be quickly recognized and influenced. The real time charts can be moved until a more desirable state of mind is reached. Games work similarly: objects are moved to a set target by changing ones brain activity. It’s fun to do! Who would have thought that one can move things by thinking alone!

EEG biofeedback is exercise for the brain

Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback, assists in altering the electrical activity of the brain. The effectiveness of neurofeedback comes from training the brain to selectively enter a variety of mental states and thus break out of persistent cognitive and emotional patterns. EEG biofeedback is exercise for the brain. Neurofeedback encourages greater awareness and regulation of bodily functions, cognitive processes, and emotional states.

Boulder Neurofeedback

Interactive Brain Analysis has the most extensive neurofeedback tool set in Boulder. Our practice near Boulder Community Hospital at Foothills has the state of the art neurofeedback protocols for ADHD, depression, anxiety, brain injury, and also peak performance. Interactive Brain Analysis attracts clients from Golden, Longmont, Lafayette, Broomfield, Denver and Westminster, Colorado.

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