Boulder therapy ADHD Blog 5: Test your ADHD Child

February 10, 2011
ADHD Blog Debi ElliottBy Debi Elliott, February 9, 2011: Every child (and adult) with ADHD or ADD is unique. If for most ADHD sufferers it is true that DHA (omega-3) blood levels are too low, that doesn’t mean it is automatically also true for your own kid. So test before and after you start taking or administering omega-3 supplements.
Here are some cost effective tips and tricks for ADHD analysis options:

ADHD Test 1: Parent Test. You know your child best

ADHD Test 2: Omega-3 blood levels

ADHD Test 3: Internet and paper tests and questionnaires

ADHD Test 4: QEEG Brain map

Bottom line: don’t be smart about your brain and stupid in your wallet. Don’t waste hard-earned dollars on expensive supplements when they don’t make a difference, and don’t do expensive analyses when you get more or less the same information from simple tests. Continue reading the full version of this ADHD blog at by Debi Elliott, one of the leading Boulder therapists for ADHD and ADD.

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