Psychotherapy ADHD Blog 3: Burn sugar burn!

December 27, 2010

ADHD Blog Debi ElliottBy Debi Elliott, December 27, 2010: ADHD and ADD patients are severely limited because they typically run on sugar. Usually they function well for a few minutes, and then crash when their brains have used up all the glucose (sugar). In my Boulder neurofeedback clinic, the objective is to teach new brain patterns and behaviors, but it is frustrating for both patient and therapist when only the first 5-10 minutes of a session can be used optimally. Therefore, my first recommendation to patients is to limit their sugar intake. This sounds counter-intuitive because the brain runs on sugar, and less sugar means less energy. However, cheap sugars or refined sugars (soft drinks, candy, cookies) burn quickly, and when the glucose is used, the brain is done, too. Continue reading this ADHD Blog on “The ADHD brain: Burn Sugar Burn!”

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